MANINAM Pro Scooter for Adults Model CYRO


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    Since we are in the product launch phase, we have defined an AGGRESSIVE warranty program for our EARLY CUSTOMERS ONLY:
  • 24 Months FREE Component Replacement Warranty. For ALL Components Including BATTERY, MOTOR AND CONTROLLER. (Only for Purchases between 06/01/2020 - 09/01/2020)
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Model: CYRO

CYRO is the first model of MANINAM micro-mobility vehicles. Combining elegant art and engineering in CYRO resulted in an outstanding appearance and functionality at the same time. The engineering design of the body, a full suspension system along with color combination of space gray, black and red brake calipers make it a standout on the road.

All-terrain, Green, Low Cost, Low-profile, Time-saving Micro-mobility vehicle for Urban and Suburban Areas

  • The full MacPherson in the front and Pneumatic Suspension systems in the rear give you an incredible smooth ride which you don’t feel the road bumps and you can ride it on all terrains.

  • Triple electronic and mechanical brakes for ultimate user safety.

  • The electronic regenerative brake restores your braking torque into battery charge for much longer travel.

  • Compact and foldable to fit in your car, carry indoor, home or office and keep your peace of mind.

  • Light-weight structure design with aluminum alloy by allocating minimal component material for optimized function.

  • Equipped with Cruise Control to make your ride more fun without having to engage the throttle constantly!

  • The high-end lighting design with wide beam area secures your riding safety at dark and elevates the vehicle aesthetics!

  • CYRO has the right size in its class. It gives you a decent standing surface to maintain yourself on the vehicle. The right wheel size to give you a fast speed but also secure your ride on different road conditions.

MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 12

With smart engineering design, we could reduce the weight of CYRO model while maintaining full-options and reinforced material.

MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 5
  • Material Construction: Reinforced body with multiple layers aluminum alloy

    MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 4
  • Weight: 39.6 lb (18 kg) Lighter than most scooters in the same class with consideration of more features!

  • Dimension:
    Folded: L 43.3 in (110 cm) * W 22 in (56 cm) * H 16.9 in (43 cm)
    Unfolded: L 43.3 in (110 cm) * W 22 in (56 cm) * H 45.2 in (115 cm)

  • Engineered to maximize the pedal area and provide more foot clearance for better comfort and ride.

    MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 6

  • Range: 22 - 28 miles (35 - 45 km) at 10 mph constant speed

  • Max Speed: 18.7 mph (30 kph) for 165 lb (75 kg) driver

  • Climbing Angle: 15 degrees

  • Brake: 13-19 ft (4–6m) braking distance at 12.5 mph (20 kph) speed

  • Max Load: 268 lb (120 kg)

MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 9

EV Powertrain

  • Motor Power: 48V/500W High Power Hub Motor

    MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 8

  • Battery Capacity: 12 AH, 18650 Li-ion Battery

  • Charging Time: 4-6 hrs

  • Range: 30 miles

    MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 10

  • Cruise control for more riding assistance

  • Power switch for three speed modes

  • Headline Setting for three lighting modes

  • Informative LCD Screen to display your vehicle operation

  • MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 15 MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 11

  • Front Suspension: MacPherson

  • We have utilized the MacPherson Struts, the most popular concept in the automotive industry to provide low-profile shock absorbers with high rideability. The shocks are not too soft to lose the rideability. Soft suspensions cause separation of the tire from the ground because of high-amplitude road vibrations. Yet, they are not too hard to impede a smooth comfortable ride. In MacPherson suspension systems, the shock absorber and coil spring are located in one unit.

    MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 16
  • Rear Suspension: Pneumatic

  • Unlike most scooters in the market, we accommodated suspension system for the rear wheel to provide a great ride comfort. This requires an effective engineering design to avoid any waste of traction energy in form of squat effect. We utilized Pneumatic Struts/Shock Absorbers to reduce the size and weight of struts by merging the spring and damper in form of pressurized gas. In short, there is a sweet spot in suspension design between soft and hard that makes it most effective in response to road oscillations.

    What is squat effect? In vehicle dynamics, there is always compression effect in the suspension systems which wastes the vehicle traction in form of compression in the struts. We have minimized the squat effect in CYRO by our combined suspension system.

    MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 17

  • Safety is always number one priority in our designs. Stopping the vehicle in a short distance has always been a challenge in automotive engineering.

  • To achieve an excellent braking experience, we integrated 3 different braking systems into the vehicle:

  1. Front Wheel Mechanical Brake:

    We used widest disc possible within available wheel space to increase the contact area of the caliper and disc. This helps to maximize the friction force between caliper and disc.

  2. Rear Wheel Mechanical Brake

    In vehicle dynamics, it is always dangerous to rely on only one brake, specially on front wheel, the reason is that most percentage of weight is transferred to front wheel in braking process. This causes high chance of vehicle rotation in pitch axis and therefore losing balance. We have added the rear brake to distribute the brake forces on both wheels and reduce the chance of pitching by allowing the driver to adjust the proportion of the brake forces on front and rear wheels.

  3. Rear Wheel Electronic Regenerative Brake

    Energy is an asset and hard to attain. In Hybrid and Electric vehicles, utilizing the electric power efficiently is a challenge. To restore portion of electricity power used for traction, we used Regenerative Motors to save portion of braking force in form of electricity. The Regenerative Motors are able to work like an electric generator to convert the wheel rotational energy into electrical energy. We restore this generated electrical energy in the battery any time you apply the brakes so you can use it again while accelerating.

MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 18

  • Tire dynamics is one of the most challenging topics in vehicle system dynamics given complex non-linear forces. This makes it difficult to simulate and design a perfect model that is efficient in producing high lateral and friction forces.

  • Width: 2.5 in (6.5 cm)

    We used our pure automotive engineering experience to come up with an effective tire design. We avoided thin tires which may cause mechanical strength weakness in road bumps, we also avoided an extra wide wheel that is unnecessary and does not help with increasing the friction force of the tire on road pavement.

  • Diameter: 10 in (25 cm)

    Wheel and tire diameter plays a big role in efficiency of vehicle traction and interface to the road condition. When the wheel is larger in diameter, it helps in facing road severe bumps. It also helps the vehicle pass the bump and avoid falling in the potholes and causing accidents. It also helps reaching higher speed. However a larger wheel has its own downside. It reduces the vehicle acceleration and increases the weight of the wheel which is eventually extra costly on material and spending energy.

    For more information about tire design, you can search for Pacejka Tire Model.

  • MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 19

  • The key to increase safety is to see and let others see you! By developing bright LEDs covering wide angle around the driver, we could design a lighting system which makes your ride safer and more pleasant.

  • MANINAM Electric Scooter: Cyrus image 20